Wikipedia-main_Full.jpg How to Contribute to Le Wiki Kiwi

  • First and foremost: to become a member of any WikiSpaces wiki you need a WikiSpaces Username and Password. To get started click on Wikispaces_logo.gif
  • To become a member of Picture_2.png:
    • either accept the email notification (Invitation) you have received
    • or once signed in at Wikispaces, add lekiwiwiki to your favorite wikis from the dashboard in your account
    • or select Join this Wiki on the left side bar

  • You can then view your Membership status from Manage Wiki (left side bar)> Permissions. Le Wiki Kiwi is protected, it means that "Everyone can view the pages but only members of this wiki can edit them". Message posts from non-members are allowed and monitored.

  • You are then ready to create a page! To create a page:
    • make sure you are signed in (check your username appears in the top right corner of the webpage)
    • click on Edit Navigation (left side bar). It takes you to the page, in editing mode (you can see the Editor at the top of the page)
    • key in the chosen name for your page (eg: XXX College-Year 10)
    • with the cursor highlight XXX College-Year 10
    • click on Picture_3.pngin the Editor tool bar: in the WikiLink tab, check that the Page Name is what you want (eg:XXX College-Year 10), and click on Add link
    • click Savein the Editor tool bar et voilà! Your page is now created and now appears in the left side bar.
      • NB: You may want to create pages for your students to edit with their content, or you may want to get your students to become members themselves. This "How to" can be used by either teachers or students or both. Just ensure all created pages bear the name of the contributing school.
  • So once the page is created, it is ready for editing. To edit a page:
    • make sure you are signed in!
    • click on its name from the left side bar, then click on Edit, the Editor appears at the top of the page.
    • for help using the Editor, go to Wikispaces Help for user friendly instructions
  • Use this file to learn how to upload one or more documents to a page.
NB: if the initial going gets tough, click on Discussion (left side bar) and add a description of your problem under the "problem editing your page" subject.

403_question_mark.jpg What to contribute to Le Wiki Kiwi

The following is by no means an exhaustive nor prescriptive list of themes or tools! The purpose of these indications is solely to provide a starting point to class discussions while brainstorming a possible contribution to Le Wiki Kiwi, should it be needed. Students are likely to come up with something that they believe will be of interest for a learner of French, somewhere else in the world, drawing on their own curiosity!
  • Possible themes:
    • our school (eg: what we learn, timetable, uniform)
    • our town (eg: where it is, what we like about it, community)
    • our region (eg: where it is, what it offers, tourist brochures and activities)


    • our food (eg: pies, hokey pokey ice cream, hangi, recipes from the Edmonds Cook book)
    • our habits (eg: a typical Saturday, the outdoors, shopping)
    • our Kiwiana (eg: the kiwi, the fern etc)
    • our daily life (eg: sports, the beach, the farm, teenagers interests)
    • our special celebrations (eg: Christmas, Anzac Day, Waitangi Day)
    • our Maori heritage and culture (eg: welcome on the Marae, French-Te Reo glossary)
    • ETC!

  • Possible tools:
    • digital photos and captions stk-fgr6.gif
    • digital story telling (eg: Photostory 3)
    • embedded videos, maps
    • embedded slide shows
    • podcasts and pictures
    • use of applications (eg: VoiceThread, Glogster, Xtranormal, avatars)
    • links to blog
    • myPortfolio page
    • ETC!